Techno Medical Systems Foreign Principals

  • Thermo fisher - France / Germany / USA
  • Laboratory Equipment, Centrifuges (Refrigerated / Ventilated), Incubators, Ovens, Blood Bank Refrigerators , minus 86 C Freezers, Laminar Flow System, Media Preparators, Co incubators, Water Baths, Microbiological Safety Cabinets, Centrifugal Evaporators, Freeze Dyers.

  • Hygeco- France
  • Mortuary, Body Cold Chambers, Autopsy Tables, Body Handling and Transportation system

  • Air Liquid Cryogenic - France
  • Liquid Nitrogen Containers and Accessories, used in Artificial Insemination And Research.

  • IMV Technologies - France
  • A. I. Products for Bovine, Poultry and Equine . (For Sindh Province only).

  • Astell pioneers in steriliation Technology
  • All Astell Autoclaves & Sterilizers have been designed to maximise efficiency, provide user safety, and ensure ease of operation in the modern, quality conscious laboratory, or sterilization facility. Astell also manufacture Laboratory Dryers and Tobacco Ovens.

  • Facultative Technologies Ltd. - UK
  • Hospital and General Waste Incinerators from 20 kg / hr. to 2000 kg / hr .

  • Electrolux Laundry Systems - Sweden / France
  • Laundry Equipment, including Washer Extractors, Flatwork Ironers, Steam / Universal Presses, Tumbler Dryers and Finishing Machines.

  • DELCON s.r.l- Italy
  • Blood componet Extrator, Blood Collection Monitor and Sealer.

  • Bio Sampling Systems
  • Medically assisted procreation and Cryo preservation of cells.

  • Boxair
  • Boxair is the expert in packaging and a containers for the transport of temperature sensible goods and biomedical samples, blood, reagents, medicines etc..

  • Ugo Basile
  • UGO BASILE is one of the world leading manufacturers of instruments for physiological & pharmacological research.

  • Tecniplast
  • Tecniplast Company, is dedicated to the manufacture and commissioning of high productivity washing machines and automated solutions.  These machines are designed to care for and enhance the longevity of caging and racking products whilst minimising energy consumption and hence environmental impact.

  • Ruskinn
  • Ruskinn manufactures a wide range of easy to use and high quality gas controlled incubators, creating the perfect environment for your clinical or research programme.

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